Fantastical Day in Victoria, BC :D

What an absolutely wonderful day I had in Victoria, BC finally getting to meet in person my friends Binners & Edward. They are just are even more delightful in person😀 They took me to see their B&B, which has the true feeling of “home”😀 Many people have houses, but to me it’s rare to find that feeling of a “home”. (this needs to be corrected when I get back to Denver, young lady😛 ) If any of you ever have plans to be in Victoria, I highly recommend staying with them at their Lovely B&B😀

They then took me to the world-famous Buchard Gardens, which was breathtaking and even more so with my own personnel tour guides, which knowledge of botany😀

I will upload pics of this incredible day as well at pics of my other post during the cruise, once I get home.


Thanks you so very much Binners & Edward, this was one of the highlights of my cruise😀

Love and hugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


I’m going to enjoy my last dinner tonight, in The Pinnacle Grill😀 Then tomorrow I will stay over night in Seattle at the Luxurious Fairmont Olympic Hotel, and hopefully will meet my friend Mary, and also go check out Pikes Market😀

I hope you all enjoyed my cruise blog, and again I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do as much this time on here as my last cruise, but I enjoyed trying to be able to make you all feel you were with me😀


Forever is a Far as I Go😀 xoxoxoxxx

One response to “Fantastical Day in Victoria, BC :D

  1. it was wonderful and i so looked forward to your blogs,, dan and i prayed for you at dinner and during my prayer walks,, i am glad you were able to do this and made such wonderful memories,,, knowing the cruise line and a bit about cruising it was like being in your pocket and seeing the cruise thru your eyes,, so glad you and nutty and binners and edwards linked up. amazing,, i am sure precious will be happy to see you,, hope she doesnt tell you about the ponce i sneaked her,,, (hahahah) looking forward to more pictures,, we have not booked a cruise for the coming year,, have a bit on our plate getting ready to sell and need to go to idaho and look at the lay of the land,, Rest up and thanks ,, the posts were great,, \
    rinice and dan too

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